Best of The Best Toasters

There are A LOT of toasters on the market, but only 4 made it to our Best of the Best list.  To make it onto this list the toaster had to have consistent toasting results, great design, and high customer satisfaction.

Here are our best of the best toasters – enjoy!

Best of the Best 2 slice toaster:Bodum bistro toaster image

The clear winner in this category is the Bodum toaster.  It hands down makes the best toast in any of the two slice toasters.  It also has a very distinctive style that will really give your kitchen a “pop”.   If you have never heard of Bodum before now I understand, because I hadn’t either, but I quickly fell in love. Read more….


Best of the Best 4 slice toaster:kitchenaid 4 slice toaster picture

While Breville made a strong showing in this category.  The KitchenAid auto-lift ultimately won out.  It produces extremely consistent quality toast and the stainless steel exterior is perfect for most modern kitchens. Read more…


Best of the Best other toaster:

These toasters made by Back to Basics come in two styles the two slice and the four slice toaster and egg poacher.  It doesn’t really fall into any other category, but it does what it does exceptionally well.  If you like poached eggs, then this toaster will amaze you.  Read more…